April 30, 2021

But What Should I Wear?

The 2021 photo season has officially begun. We’re super excited to see so many of our returning families and ready to meet new ones as well. Whether if this is an annual event for you and your family, or if it’s your first time with your high school senior, some of you may be wondering how to prepare.

The biggest question we get is, what should we wear? We love to help with this question, but we do not style our shoots. So, we thought we would take a moment to help take the stress out of planning and give you some helpful tips.

1. Be authentic!

It’s always fun to buy new clothes but remember – be yourself. If you don’t normally wear dressy clothes, then don’t wear them for your shoot. If the kids hate wearing something like a hat or a dress, don’t make them wear it. Dress your best, but in your own style. Also, make sure everything fits so you don’t have to worry about readjusting for every pose.

2. Don’t match, just coordinate

Pick a color scheme and choose complimentary colors, even with patterns and textures. Take time and lay everyone’s outfits down on the floor and take out pieces until everything looks good together.

3. Graphics are nice, but we’re not advertising

Graphics, wording and large logos on shirts tend to take away from the person wearing them. So, try to stay away from those. Also, anything bright or neon will reflect onto the person wearing it. We don’t want dad’s face to look neon green, do we?

4. Layers are good

We almost always recommend, especially for family shoots. Layering will give you another look, without having to stop and change your clothes. Some suggested items are hats, scarves, jackets, vest, tights and so on. Layers add interest!

5. Don’t forget the accessories!

Be careful of your choice of footwear. You don’t want this amazing outfit with a beat of pair of shoes. Also, jewelry and hair pieces can add a pop of color to your style.

6. Remember what season it is

Scope out your session location and figure out what color scheme will work. Remember, this is Wisconsin – we can have all four seasons in one day! Make sure you are prepared for what the weather “might” be.

7. Look for inspiration

We love Pinterest and you can get some great ideas for helping coordinate colors. Check it out! If you see something you really like, share it with us. Look closely at what others are wearing. Some of our best shots have come from our client’s ideas and internet searching.

8. Our preferences

We love what we do and are always ready to help you decide. Here are some of the things we love:

  • Neutral colors – keep it simple!
  • Girls with their hair down – we love to get great movement shots!
  • Don’t forget the props – or your pets, they are family too!
  • Seniors – it’s your time to shine, look your best and accessorize!
  • Moms and dads – it’s your time to shine, show up looking like royalty!

Your session is for you. Take the time to put on makeup, do your hair and nails. Guys, you too! We want you to be comfortable and look your best.

We’re so excited and can’t wait to see all of your amazing faces!

Erin and Dennis